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90 Days To Results LIVE

Join me and other inspiring speakers for this motivational weekend designed to motivate you to take your business to the next level!

Over the course of the weekend you will learn:

  • How to save yourself time and energy by focusing your time only on activities that are revenue-generating.
  • Why you should work with the people that WANT your product or service, not the ones that NEED your product or service
  • How surrounding yourself with the right support system, with people outside of your primary business industry, can inspire and create new business ideas,prospectsand sales
  • Why concentrating only on social media will never lead to enough sales to create sustainable revenue streams
  • Why you are likely already sitting on $10,000+ in immediate sales and how to quickly turn relationships you already have into clients
  • How to create a networking introduction that has people asking you more about your business

By the end of the weekend your mind will be overfilled with inspiration and ways to get the business results you need. We have worked with thousands of people before and we guarantee business results within 90 days!

Highlights of Previous Events

More Events To Be Announced Soon




Finding (My)Self (Love)

This is a love story about a woman finding herself and self-love. Sometimes we have to lose everything and do what makes us happy in the moment to realize the most important things in our life and what we really never want to live without. I took my daily blog, all the highs and lows, all the people I met, all the racy moments, and turned it into a book. I hope to inspire people to travel the world, travel solo, and no matter how bad the heartbreak is, things will always get better.

How To Be A Nomad

How To Be A Nomad: Go From Business Suit To World Backpacker

A guide how to prepare and go on the trip of a lifetime. With everything from checklists on things to prepare are you leave your current life behind, to what to pack, to how to book flights, accommodations, and other great tips. This book will inspire you!

The trip of your dreams may only be a few weeks away!


  • Client-Centered – Coaching is an advice-free zone where through the questioning process the client discovers the resources they have within
  • Solution-Focused – Questions are directed at moving towards the future and not on the past or problems
  • Action-Oriented – Creating small, measurable, achievable steps that lead to creating progress and new habits
  • Holistic – Ensuring the client understands how progress in their life affects the greater systems they are involved in




You are meant for something bigger. How do you achieve that? What is stopping you? Often times it takes just a step back to see the bigger picture.

It’s not the title you want; what you want is what it will give you in the greater picture of your life. How do you incorporate family, wellbeing, creativity and personal gratification into your entire life? We will work on viewing the greater vision. By understanding what is truly important to you you will be able to create satisfaction and balance throughout your life.



Everyone’s talking about the importance of daily meditation, but how does one start, let alone find the time for it?

As a person whose life changed through daily meditation, I found clarity and stillness. It was through meditation that I was able to concentrate on the bigger questions and eventually found my calling. I teach meditation techniques and work with clients to hear their inner voice through stillness.

Meditations can be taught either solo or in a group setting.

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Balance is not a one-sized fits all approach. Each individual has their own priorities. What is important is if you are making achievements in your work and your life daily. Your life is not a series of components that work independent of each other, but rather an ecological system that requires each component to work for the entire system to work. You already know this. If you don’t find enough fulfillment in your relationship, personal time and friendships, your work is affected.

Those that find that level of balance report greater happiness in their life, more purpose in their work, and they have greater opportunities for career and income growth.




In 2006, after graduating from the Unversity of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance, I started my sales career with Xerox Canada. I quickly learned the art of negotiation and created solutions that made my customers more profitable. I was a multiple president’s club winner with the organization and later moved on in order to expand my knowledge and experience. For one year I worked selling medical-grade cosmetic lasers and followed that up with two successful years on the national account team for American Express Canada selling enterprise payment solutions.

In 2014, I had a moment. After working for several years, building my career in corporate sales, I realized my happiness was tied in extrinsic form. I decided it was time to live my dream.

Within a matter of weeks I left my role as a National Account Executive, sold my house, and went backpacking around the world – solo. I traveled to 17 countries across four continents over the course of 6 months.

During that time, my daily blog increased in readership and had been read 10,000 times. I celebrated that moment by converting that blog into a book, called Finding (My)Self (Love): One Girl’s Journey Across 17 Countries Across 4 Continents in 6 Months.

Upon my return, I realized I found joy by inspiring others and helping people to overcome their limiting beliefs to achieve their dreams. I started a new weekly blog focused on mindfulness, life balance, and the personal lessons I learn through the events of my life. I encourage my readers, and individuals in my network, to become part of a community of lifting each other up and giving gratitude for everyday moments.

Through my journey, I decided it was time to become an executive life coach and help those around me find balance and joy in life for every aspect they are involved in. I am currently enrolled at Erickson College International taking The Art & Science of Coaching and finishing my certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Writer for international publications such as and I was named one of Success Magazine’s Most Inspirational Bloggers of 2015 and featured in their January 2016 issue.

2016 will feature speaking events in Sydney and Calgary, and will release my second book, How To Be A Nomad: Go From Business Suit to World Backpacker.


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