The ONLY Objective of a Cold Call

What’s your objective when making a cold call? You only have one. It’s to secure the meeting.

We often get caught up in the call by talking about too many things: our product, our service, our event, ourselves.

The cold call starts the beginning of a relationship. If you are a very transactional sale, it can be used to get the sale. However, for the majority of calls it is to get to know the person better, and create an opportunity for them to get to know you – mostly through a meeting.

When making your next cold call, ask yourself “what is my one objective with this call?” When you have that focus you can tailor the phone call as it needs to be. Without clarity the phone call results in fluff, and the call can quickly turn into a long conversation with no end in mind.

Once you’ve made the ask and secured the meeting, the call is done. Thank the prospect for their time and move forward to the next call.

How long do your typical cold calls last?

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