Are You Afraid Of Being “Salesy”?

For all the entrepreneurs, small business owners, and people that are wanting to provide a product or service to the world, we need to stop being afraid of the word “sales”.

Sales is not a bad thing. We need to wear the word with pride. Sales is the process of asking someone to give something up in order to receive something of greater value in return. Most of the time we’re asking the prospect for money in exchange for a good or service, but even before that we are asking the prospect for their time. We need the prospect to give up some of their time so they may learn about the product or service.

Your product or service is going to make your prospect’s life better. If you truly believe that you are offering something that will make the other person’t life more than what they are, it is your duty to sell.

Don’t shy away from the word “sales” and being “salesy” because it is your product that is going to make the world a better place.

Video: 2:46

What’s your biggest fear when it comes to selling your product?


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