Are You Making This Cold Calling Mistake?

The cold call objection is the objection that we receive more than any other. It’s the quick way that the prospect tries to get us off the phone. Lines such as “I’m too busy”, “I’m dealing with a competitor”, and the all too common, “send me some information” are common ways we are dismissed and then left with a sales cycle that doesn’t get started before it even began.

When we don’t hear from the person after we send the information it’s because we haven’t set up the proper next steps with the prospect.

If you are unable to secure a time with the prospect over the phone before you send the information, you are unlikely to get a meeting after doing all the work to send the information in the first place.

Ask the prospect specifically what they are looking for in the information, send them a email meeting request with the details of when you will meet to follow up.

Deal with the objection of “more information” now instead of dealing with it later.

What other cold calling objections do you receive?

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