How to Create a Conversation When You Stumble Over Your Words

When we are speaking to a new prospect it’s completely okay when our conversations come across stumbled and imperfect. Often times if we are launching a new product or service, or if you are new to a role, it can be difficult to structure what we want to say correctly. Don’t worry. Done is better than perfect.

Get back into the swing of things and try, try again. The more you do it the more the words are going to start to come naturally.

Instead of focusing on what you are going to say, move the conversation into questioning the person on the other line. Open ended questions will get you further ahead than closed ended.

Your open ended questions are the 5 “W”s: who, what, where, when, why, and how.

As the person on the other line answers the conversation will open up and move much more naturally and smoothly.


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  • John Dailey

    Lord knows I have been there and done that. Then walked out an thought, “What the ‘heck’ just happened in there”. Thanks for the insights Kim.