Ready to Enter the Sales War Room?

When was the time you spent anytime brainstorming?

Often times we become so caught up in the next sale, the next meeting, or the next person that we need to contact, that we forget to critically think about what we need to do strategically.

By blocking off time in our calendar to brainstorm we can start to look at the bigger picture of what could possibly get in our way for the larger deals that we want to capture. Who else should we contact? How else can we look at the deal differently? And is there anything else the client would be really concerned about that we could address earlier on in the sales cycle?

This is often called going into the “war room”. We would bring a deal, or potential deal, forward and with new minds and eyes on the prospect we can discuss what needs to be done to create something exciting that the client would want to act on sooner.

As a sales professional, you can do this with your team, your manager, your finance department. But think bigger. Would you benefit having someone from legal or marketing in the room as well?

As an entrepreneur this may be more difficult. But who do you have in your inner circle that could help you look at a deal more critically? Other entrepreneurial friends, both inside and outside of your industry? A small networking group? Perhaps even a family member not tied to your company?

Other questions you should address are:
What would be a barrier to entry?
Who could possibly stall the deal?
What other competitors (or other opportunities) is the client considering?

Book off some time, even as often as every 3 months, will help you gain more clarity and focus. This will allow you to know the path that you want to drive your business towards, instead of looking for the next move. You are going to be thinking steps ahead, which will make you more productive moving forward.

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How often should you book a brainstorming session?

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  • John Dailey

    Sometimes taking a step back will help us take a few more steps forward. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Thanks so much, John! How has taking some time to strategize helped you in your business?

  • Great post! This is very effective, I agree that we need to reflect with our teams, this way everyone can share insights to also help the team with more ideas. Thanks for sharing, Kim!

    Brooke Harper

    • thanks, Brooke. I was in a discussion over the weekend speaking to someone about how important the reflection period is as well after the deal is completed, both for the winning deals and the losing deals. That way we can learn from what we did really well and improve on it for the next time

      • I love that idea, Kim! By reflecting even when deals are done, we can take notes of what we can do better the next time or what we’ve done great that helped to close that deal. This way, we are much prepared to win the deal the next time. Thanks for that.