The Fastest Way To Become A Self-Made Millionaire

The biggest fallacy that exists is the idea of a “self-made” millionaire. There is no way a single individual is able to grow their business completely on their own.

Each millionaire has a team of people working with him or her. They have people to give advice. They have people to run ideas off of. They even have people that will help them determine what a proper work-life balance looks like for themselves.

Unfortunately we too often believe we can do it ourselves instead of understanding that we need the help, advice, and direction of others. If you want to achieve levels of success that you have never achieved before you CANNOT do it by yourself. You need to surround yourself with a fantastic team of people. You are the average of the 5 people you spend time with. Are those 5 people helping to lift you up, or are they holding you stagnant?

Are you going after free advice or even paid advice? (And often times the paid advice will get you much further and faster into your journey). There are people that want to surround you and help you to open doors where none had existed before.

You are going to achieve your goals anyway. How much faster would you like to achieve them? Slow and on your own? Or fast and with the company of others?

Get yourself involved in groups and communities. Start speaking to those that have achieved the levels of success that you desire. Learn from their experience, take it all in, and move forward quickly.

Video: 2:26

Who was (or is) the mentor or coach that brought the most value to your life?

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  • Michael Black

    Thank you thank you thank you Kim for pointing out the fallacy of the solo millionaire creator. No one does it on their own and it is great to see someone else stating that fact. It is a disservice for supposed self-made millionaires to tell people that they can did it alone and that anyone can become a millionaires alone.

    • Completely agree, Michael! We all need to surround ourselves with a great team of people. And also be humble and ask for advice when we need it. Too many people try to figure it out on their own, and there are so many experts in every field that it’s much easier to use their advice and experience to get to where you need

  • Barry Rogers

    Thanks for breaking that down and shattering that myth. I think I’ve taken the first step by consulting you. I’m definitely going to look for other “coaches” and mentors. Great video!

    • That’s wonderful, Barry! There are so many amazing people out there that are willing to help. Coaches are typically paid, and provide excellent service for their skills. Mentors are usually free and provide a different skill set. Ensuring you surround yourself with amazing people will get you to your goals faster! Good luck.