Focus Your Conversation on This To Close More Deals

The quickest way to work with a prospect on the sales cycle is not to take the prospect on the steps that we will go through in order to get them to where they want to be, but rather on the final destination that the prospect wants to be.

For instance, if you were selling a weight-loss strategy, instead of talking about all the steps, such as diet, exercise, supplements, focus instead on the amount of weight the person will do and the affect that will have on their lifestyle.

We need to focus on the client’s ideal state and spend the majority of the time there.

It’s about focusing 90% of our time on the destination and only 10% of the time on the transportation.

We can move the client to the emotionally charged state of the ideal situation instead of the logical step-oriented process on how they will get there.

Once we have the client agreeing to the positive emotions that they will receive at the end, we can then speak to them briefly about the steps, and then ask them for the close.

What did the sales person do differently the last time you bought?

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