The Quickest Way To Be Seen As An Expert

How do you promote your business to an even bigger audience?

As entrepreneurs and small business owners we are so busy doing the hustle hoping that one day one of the big names will call on us. We sit back and wait for Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, or even our local news outlet to find us and contact us.

The truth is, these outlets don’t know you exist and the likeliness of them reaching out to you is slim. It almost never happens that way. Even the big names are constantly going out and pitching new ideas to these stations.

What can you offer your local tv or radio station that no one else is offering? Take your product or service and try to spin it on its head. What is a unique way someone can use your product or service. What is new or relevant in the world that can apply your product or service?

The sooner you approach these news outlets the greater your chance to be considered and accepted for your news stories. However news outlets don’t care about just your product or service. They want news stories that are all encompassing.

Don’t just look at trying to promote your business for an upcoming event like small business week. Ask what other companies can you also promote? If you want more exposure become the “all-encompassing expert”, not just specialized in your field.

No one cares about the promo directed person that rattles on about how great their product is. And as amazing as your product is, news outlets are looking for people that are going to be completely unbiased. They want to find people that are going to provide even more value to their viewers or listeners.

Even for your upcoming blog posts you may consider promoting 5 other companies, like yours, or in an industry complimentary to yours, to give a review or a result.

Even though you may be compared to other companies, you are going to rise above because now you are seen as the all encompassing expert.

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What media outlet do you dream of being in?

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Kim is The Leading Sales Coach, Success Magazine’s most inspirational blogger, LeadFuze’s most influential sales leader, and soon to be three-time author. She continues to expand her presence with international speaking, including being invited to speak at the same events as Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown, and Michelle Obama. Kim’s courageousness to quit her life and backpack solo around the world inspired her to use her mastery in sales to help sales professionals and entrepreneurs make communication shifts that lead to stronger relationships and more revenue.

As Vice President of the Change Your Results! ( team, she helps companies create a sales process and ask the right questions at the right time in order to immediately achieve consistent revenue streams.

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