Video: Your Project Isn’t Finished Yet

The end of the sales cycle or project is not once it’s complete, it’s actually after a postmortem of the project has been done. In both successful and unsuccessful projects you need to take time either by yourself, ideally with your team, and better still with the client or any third party’s to ask the questions on what worked well and what could be done even better. Use the opportunity to gain insight and hone your skills.


Sitting down afterward is a way of consolidating all that you’ve learned — before you forget it. – Ed Catmull



What ways have postmortems improved the way you do business? If you don’t currently do postmortems, in what ways will you remember to hold one at the end of the project?

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She is a world traveller, author, one-time marathoner, adventurer, poor golfer, inconsistent yogi and puppy parent to her Weimaraner.  She is currently based in Calgary, Canada.
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