Why You’re Likely Not Making That Sale

When we find ourselves struggling to move a sales cycle forward it often has to be with our own beliefs that we can actually close the deal.

We’ll project the lack of progress on things outside of us, such as “that prospect didn’t get it” or “that person doesn’t understand the value of the deal we are giving him or her”. In actuality when we turn the focus back on ourselves and look internally what might actually be happening is we are walking into the conversation without the full belief that we can close the deal.

If you believe you won’t be able to close the deal, and in the back of your head hold onto hope, you’ll never close the deal. You need to walk in with confidence that you will close the deal, and your luck will begin to turn.

You are worthy and valuable. Your product and service will make the prospect’s life better. Believe in that and your success will start to soar.

Video: 2:22

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