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  • Client-Centered – Coaching is an advice-free zone where through the questioning process the client discovers the resources they have within
  • Solution-Focused – Questions are directed at moving towards the future and not on the past or problems
  • Action-Oriented – Creating small, measurable, achievable steps that lead to creating progress and new habits
  • Holistic – Ensuring the client understands how progress in their life affects the greater systems they are involved in




Sales are based on relationships. People need to trust you, receive value from you, and then they will purchase from you.

Relationships come over time by asking the right questions, slowing down the process, and letting the client see that you are truly interested in their needs and goals. Sales coaching will teach you how to have these higher levels of conversations so that you can create relationships sooner and close more deals faster.



Often times, as entrepreneurs, we get caught up in the busy work that we do in a day. We spend too much time working on social media, building newsletter campaigns, and operating on the small tasks. When we are working ``in`` the business we can't focus on working ``on`` the business.

Coaching will help you take the high-level view and ensure you are spending time and energy working on the tasks that matter. You will have an accountability partner and someone that you can run ideas off of to ensure new opportunities still fit within your core competencies, so you can focus on the activities that are going to bring you the most value.



Being an entrepreneur is hard. There are unexpected surprises that appear as you grow your business. When is the right time to hire someone new? When should you make investments into your company? How can one expand during a period of economic contraction?

Working with a coach will keep you in check and ensure you are focused on the one thing that matters: growing your business.

There will always be new challenges that arise, and your coach will ensure you are focused on the items you can control so that you can expand your business while everyone else is focused on the outside forces that do not matter.


Kim Orlesky


In 2006, after graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance, I started my sales career with Xerox Canada. I quickly learned the art of negotiation and created solutions that made my customers more profitable. I was a multiple president’s club winner with the organization and later moved on in order to expand my knowledge and experience. For one year I worked selling medical-grade cosmetic lasers and followed that up with two successful years on the national account team for American Express Canada selling enterprise payment solutions.

In 2014, I had a moment. After working for several years, building my career in corporate sales, I realized my happiness was tied in extrinsic form. I decided it was time to live my dream.

Within a matter of weeks I left my role as a National Account Executive, sold my house, and went backpacking around the world – solo. I traveled to 17 countries across four continents over the course of 6 months.

During that time, my daily blog increased in readership and had been read 10,000 times. I celebrated that moment by converting that blog into a book, called Finding (My)Self (Love): One Girl’s Journey Across 17 Countries Across 4 Continents in 6 Months. Shortly after that I wrote my second book, How to Be a Nomad.

Upon my return, I realized it wasn’t that I disliked sales, it was that I wanted to help even more people. I wanted to show more businesses the right way to connect with people and create lasting relationships.

Writer for international publications such as and I was named one of Success Magazine’s Most Inspirational Bloggers of 2015 and featured in their January 2016 issue. I have been named one of the most influential sales leaders by LeadFuze.

2017 will feature speaking events Boston along side Brené Brown and Michelle Obama for Hubspot’s annual Inbound conference.

Today I teach sales professionals and business owners how to sell more faster. Contact me for more information about my courses or to book a speaking event.


Finding (My)Self (Love)

This is a love story about a woman finding herself and self-love. Sometimes we have to lose everything and do what makes us happy in the moment to realize the most important things in our life and what we really never want to live without. I took my daily blog, all the highs and lows, all the people I met, all the racy moments, and turned it into a book. I hope to inspire people to travel the world, travel solo, and no matter how bad the heartbreak is, things will always get better.

How To Be A Nomad

How To Be A Nomad: Go From Business Suit To World Backpacker

A guide how to prepare and go on the trip of a lifetime. With everything from checklists on things to prepare are you leave your current life behind, to what to pack, to how to book flights, accommodations, and other great tips. This book will inspire you!

The trip of your dreams may only be a few weeks away!

Sell More. Faster.

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